Let Make your WordPress site

Know how we work?

Step: 1

your Requrement

Website requirements are a list of necessary functions, capabilities, or characteristics related to your website and the plans for creating it. There are several types of requirements that may be defined during the process that come together to focus and prioritize the project plan.

Step: 2

Make Design Layout

Point 1: Think Simple.
Point 2: Utilize Negative Space.
Point 4: Format Persuasive Copy Properly.
Point 5: Be Clear About Outcome.
Point 6: Don't Be Afraid to Borrow.
Point 7: Go Responsive.
Point 8: Feature Your Offerings & Smiling Faces.

Step: 3

Start Content Writing

Point 1: Know your audience.
Point 2: Create suspance.
Point 3: Write short, simple sentences.
Point 4: Stick to One golden statement.
Point 5: Show your work/service, don't tell.
Point 6: Use multimedia.
Point 7: Use keyword

Step: 4

Make Front-end Design

After layout designing and content writing, we start our development process, first, we covered the front-end and then we convert the HTML file into Wordpress Theme.

Step: 5

convert into WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is a group of files (graphics, style sheets, and code) that dictates the overall appearance of your blog or website. Themes can control something as vast as your site's layout, or as minute as your hyperlink colors.

Step: 6

Make all content Dynamic

In a simple way, dynamic content is, A user can easily change the content from WP Dashboard, it's a very user-friendly process to maintain a site by the client/user.

Step: 7

Start Testing

Point 1: Ensure Cross Browser Compatibility.
Point 2: Test for Responsiveness.
Point 3: Functionality Testing.
Point 4: Check for Broken Links.
Point 5: Ensure Security.
Point 6: Test Payment Gateways.
Point 7: Cookie Testing.

Step: 8

Make the site on Live

What's Going Live? Going live is connecting your newly build website to your domain name and making it visible to people searching for you on search engines, sites such as Google

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